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Portable Industrial Stands for Laser Trackers, Articulating Arms, Laser Projectors, Scanners, Total Stations, Theodolites, and more

When customers asked Brunson to engineer a lightweight industrial stand, they turned to one of the strongest structural elements known – a pre-stressed tetrahedron for ultimate stability. Made from aluminum and stainless steel, the TetraLock and the TetraLock Lite include pad feet, a choice of thread adapter, and a duffel style carrying bag. These portable stands can be checked in as luggage or stowed in the trunk, and used on tables or platforms.

Engineered for extreme stability, the lightweight TetraLock stand weighs just over 20 lbs. with a maximum height of 47 inches. Due to the TetraLock’s unique design, no joint movement is possible when locked in the open position. The TetraLock Lite featherweight stand weighs in at 16.2 lbs. also with a maximum height of 47 inches. It deploys rapidly by tightening a locking plate under its mounting ring.

Both designs offer the best price/performance ratio in the marketplace.