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PolyWorks MS 2021
InnovMetric Releases PolyWorks® Metrology Suite 2021
PolyWorks MS 2021 delivers powerful curved surface analysis tools, transforms the measurement operator experience, and facilitates the deployment of PolyWorks|Inspector™ as a standard offline CNC CMM sequencing solution.
  • Extends the Analysis of Curved Surfaces
  • Use the powerful surface defect detection technology to quickly display surface anomalies in 3D scans by way of a color map, without using a CAD model
  • Benefit from the new Line Profile GD&T tool that meets ASME and ISO standards, and offers controls with a full or partial datum reference frame
  • Improve your inspections with enhanced curve-analysis tools
  • Transform your Measurement Operator Experience
  • ?Increase the efficiency and repeatability of your 3D measurement operations thanks to technological aids added to our measurement toolbox?
  • Deploy PolyWorks as your Standard Offline CNC CMM Sequencing Solution
  • CNC CMM users will save even more time thanks to the revolutionary intelligence added to our innovative assisted sequencing technology and have more possibilities with the extended universality of our offline solution
  • Handle Large Projects Efficiently
  • Accelerate working with large inspection projects thanks to new tools for finding, selecting, and editing objects?