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Communicate and review measurement results efficiently
With the new dimensional-control-centric approach in PolyWorks 2017, the PolyWorks|Inspector™ 3D metrology project is the report! By enabling portable metrology and CNC CMM measurement specialists to communicate results directly in 3D, and empowering reviewers to investigate results contextually in 3D with dynamic navigation tools, considerable gains in productivity are guaranteed.
Thanks to the powerful Control Reviewer, complex inspection projects containing hundreds of dimensional and GD&T controls can easily be split into small and logical groups of controls - called control views - with individual dimensional controls tied to specific data alignments and coordinate systems.
The Control Reviewer also allows users to:
  • Access a global list of dimensional controls sorted by characteristic index, making it the ideal tool to prepare first-article inspection reports
  • Search, sort, and filter controls to highlight critical results
  • Display control views automatically in 3D with the preferred point of view
  • Generate formatted reports automatically, with individual controls reported within the specified alignment and coordinate system
  • Export controls within the specified alignment and coordinate system
Portable Metrology
PolyWorks 2017 meets the requirements of the most demanding large-volume metrology applications by facilitating the execution of large measurement projects that are typical to the aerospace, shipyard, and power generation industries.
  • A powerful part-alignment technique for large structures
  • Concurrent connections to multiple laser trackers
  • Additional flexibility for Surface features
CNC CMM metrology
  • Collision analysis in real time
  • Multi-CMM management