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With VGStudio 3.0, you have access to the high-tech visualization possibilities of VGStudio MAX 3.0 and its CT-reconstruction functions*. Together with the CT Reconstruction Module, VGStudio 3.0 covers the complete workflow, from the precise reconstruction of three-dimensional volume data sets using the images taken by your CT scanner to the visualization in 3D and 2D as well as impressive animation.
Voxels, or the 3D-equivalent of pixels, form the basis of the volume data sets that VGStudio 3.0 reconstructs from CT scans. Each voxel represents a specific area of the object, while their gray values provide information about the material found there. With VGStudio 3.0, you can classify and color-code volume data based on its gray values.
In order to display the interior of an object, VGStudio 3.0 can 'cut' the 3D model in any desired direction. Furthermore, some basic measurement features are available for quickly quantifying distances, angles, etc.
  • NOTE :
    The CT Reconstruction Module is not part of the basic version of VGStudio 3.0 and must be purchased separately.
New in Version 3.0
  • Open metrology projects created with VGMetrology or VGMetrology ES (.mvgl files) in VGStudio 3.0 or myVGL 3.0
  • Open and save the new single-files that combine all files, folders, and even the source data (.vgarchive files)
  • Open data sets with unloaded gray values
  • Publish .pdf files directly without third-party tools
  • Make use of the tremendously improved CT reconstruction functions that were introduced with VGStudio MAX 3.0
  • Choose from two interface themes: the familiar ‘bright’ theme and a new ‘dark’ theme, which is perfect for working with gray value images
  • Use the new export and reporting features that you already know from VGStudio MAX 3.0: top-level reporting, VG Report Format (.vgrf), and customizable test reports