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VG InLine
VG InLine 3.0 is the next step in automated non-destructive testing (NDT) with industrial computed tomography (CT). It’s simple to set up. It works with almost every CT system on the market – right out of the box.
  • Fully Automated or Semi-Automated CT Inspection

VG InLine 3.0 automatically or semi-automatically inspects your parts with a recurring analysis pattern – within the production line (in-line) or close to the production line (at-line)

  • Maximum Flexibility

VG InLine 3.0 is highly flexible. Other in-line CT inspection systems are often geared to just one task, so that changes are usually difficult and very expensive to implement. VG InLine 3.0 on the other hand, you can easily reconfigure yourself; whether you have to adjust for small changes to the product design or whether you want to use your CT system for testing a totally different product.

  • Broad Feature Set

VG InLine 3.0 Complete offers the full scope of features of VGStudio MAX 3.0, e. g., wall thickness measurement, nominal / actual comparison, fiber orientation analysis, and defect detection (pores, voids, inclusions). Especially for the foundry sector we offer VG InLine 3.0 Cast & Mold Enhanced.

  • Extensive Compatibility

VG InLine 3.0 understands almost all formats of reconstructed CT volumes. And because VG InLine 3.0 also works natively with point clouds and meshes, you can use it with tactile and optical scanners when required.