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Portable Metrology
The mobile app that boosts measurement productivity on the shop floor
A single measurement specialist performs a measurement task that normally requires two people. An operator measures a part twice as fast by eliminating back-and-forth trips to the computer running PolyWorks. These are just a couple of examples of the outstanding productivity gains that the free PolyWorks|Talisman mobile app generates.
Bring PolyWorks into the palm of your hand
The PolyWorks|Talisman app runs on mobile computing devices and communicates with PolyWorks through a Wi-Fi connection. A major benefit of the app is its capability to remotely control PolyWorks. While being in front of their part, operators can directly connect to their probing or laser-scanning device, configure measurement modes and parameters, launch a probing operation, and perform typical probing actions, such as measuring a point, ending object probing, deleting the last probed point, or reprobing an object.
Get live feedback, anywhere
PolyWorks|Talisman also provides remarkable feedback on the PolyWorks measurement session in real time, such as:
  • 3D Scene display, along with critical measurement information, such as guiding instructions, guiding images, guiding points, point counters for object probing, and more
  • Single or multiple Digital Readout display to efficiently build fixtures and jigs
  • Audio feedback to hear the sounds of the probing and scanning session
PolyWorks|Talisman also allows users to read messages and answer questions directly.
Total confidentiality guaranteed
PolyWorks|Talisman is designed to guarantee total confidentiality under all circumstances:
  • No proprietary information saved on the mobile device
  • Encrypted communication
  • No connection to Internet or any other computer
  • Possibility to explicitly restrict usage to a predefined list of mobile device IDs
PolyWorks|Talisman offers ultimate security characteristics required for ultraconfidential setups.