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Portable Metrology
ROMER Absolute Arm Compact
The compact portable measuring arm for shop-floor use
Offering accuracy for even the smallest of jobs, the ROMER Absolute Arm Compact brings high-tolerance 3D measurement to the shop floor. A faster and more accurate alternative to manual measurement tools, this versatile portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) can perform numerous tasks around the workshop, making it the perfect complement to stationary CMM equipment.
The ROMER Absolute Arm Compact is a high-accuracy portable CMM designed to give reliable results in the tightest of spaces. More convenient than traditional measuring tools and far less prone to human error, it enables operators to check and recheck readings in a fraction of the time. Featuring industry-proven technology from the ROMER Absolute Arm range, the ROMER Absolute Arm Compact is perfect for measuring small to medium parts in a range of applications including:
  • On-machine verification
  • Machined part inspection
  • GD&T measurements
  • Fixture positioning
  • CAD-to-part comparison
  • Part alignment and setup
  • In-process quality checks
  • Digitising
  • Build and inspect

With a measurement volume of up to 1.2 metres and a choice of ISO 10360-2 or B89.4.22 certification available, the ROMER Absolute Arm Compact is easy to integrate into quality control processes. Capable of operating without mountings and with no need for referencing, the system is quick to setup and easy to use, providing a multipurpose measurement tool for users at any level of experience.


  • Absolute encoders and haptic feedback

Thanks to absolute encoders, the ROMER Absolute Arm Compact is ready to simply switch on and measure with no referencing required, while haptic feedback warns users if an axis limit is reached to eliminate bad measurements.

  • Automatic and repeatable probe recognition

An intelligent probe recognition system enables the ROMER Absolute Arm Compact to maintain repeatable results for different probe heads with no calibration or user intervention required.

  • Integrated work light and camera

The ROMER Absolute Arm Compact features an ergonomically-designed wrist to minimise operator fatigue, with user-friendly additions including an integrated work light and a camera to record setups for digital storage.

  • Freestanding or fixed mounting

The ROMER Absolute Arm Compact's integrated base plate can be mounted to almost any surface with bolts, anchors or magnets, while a removable counterweight system also enables freestanding operation - simply place and measure.

  • Runs all major metrology software

With the RDS system software inside, the ROMER Absolute Arm Compact is compatible with all major metrology software packages including the intuitive and highly-accessible PC-DMIS Touch - ideal for shop-floor users.

  • Wi-Fi and battery operation

Compatibility with ROMER Absolute Arm feature packs allows wireless communication and battery operation, minimising setup time and making the ROMER Absolute Arm Compact ideal for measuring on the move.

  • Additional probes and accessories

The ROMER Absolute Arm Compact is compatible with the full range of probes and accessories from the ROMER Absolute Arm range, offering great flexibility and ensuring users always have the right tools for the job.