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Compact Cobot
Collaborative systems enable modern production strategies
The Alicona cobot range is based on the combination of a collaborative 6-axis robot and the robust optical 3D measurement sensor IF-SensorR25, delivering high resolution, traceable and repeatable measurements. Collaborative systems are tailored to the individual measurement task and application. Programming and measuring as well as handling of pre-defined measurement programs require no prior knowledge of metrology. Cobots run in both manual and automatic mode and can be optimally integrated into an existing production line. Users verify surface state as well as dimensional accuracy of components by measuring distances, angles, form deviations and position tolerances. New Cobots that are proven in the field are the DiscCobot to measure turbine discs, and the ToolCobot, which is applied to measure tools also directly in the machine. The CompactCobot is a universal solution applicable in all industries to measure micro structured surfaces of large components.
  • Compact Cobot
  • DiscCobot
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