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HWS.1 - Handy Wire Scanner
The World's First, really contact-less, hand held optical micrometer to check wires, cables and other similar products
HWS.1 - Handy Wire Scanner is a fully portable optical micrometer for non-contact measurement of wires, cables and other similar products.
Developed by Aeroel with LED and CCD technology, it uses 2 crossed linear sensor to automatically compensate positioning errors (Patent pending).
Thanks to a powerful single chip microprocessor, the micrometer is linearized and compensated to obtain the maximum precision in the entire field of measurement, regardless of an accurate positioning of the wire.
The measurement is started by pressing the trigger and takes only a few seconds, the display provides the operator with interactive information to place the wire in the useful measurement area and displays the measurement result.
All measurements are saved in the memory of the scanner, associated with the date, time and the number of machine: through a USB connection, data can be downloaded to any PC.
The battery is charged via the USB connector with the supplied power supply; battery life, with micrometer always active, is approximately 4 hours.
The scanner has been designed to fit into a special holder to be fixed on the machine, the holder contains a tag that identifies the machine and which is read by the instrument at the time of measurement.
The support allows to easily and quickly place the scanner, also for the measurement of moving products and it guarantees maximum precision of measurement.
It is therefore possible, mounting a support on each line, periodically monitor the production of all machines with just one micrometer!