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Industrial Metrology
The on-line measurement and automatic grinder regulation
GRINDLINE is a highly accurate and extremely flexible laser measurement system, designed specifically for measuring the diameter of parts finished by through-feed or plunge centreless grinders; it is ideal for 100% on-line control and for real-time adjustment of the grinder.
  • It works in through-feed, installed at the output of the machine, without having to stop the components.
  • Automatic shape recognition of ground parts: Grindline software ignores all shape irregularities that might otherwise compromise the result of measurement.
  • It gauges up to 10 different diameters on components ground by plunge type grinders.
  • It measures diameter and taper on parts ground by through-feed machines.
  • It checks tolerances and provides signals to reject out-of-tolerance pieces.
  • It performs automatic machine regulation, to compensate the wearing of the grinding wheel.
  • Detailed statistical reports are available: the recorded data can be processed in real time or down-loaded to a remote computer.