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Stereo Microscopes SMZ Series
Nikon offers a broad range of stereo microscopes and accessories, including a research stereo microscope system with the world’s highest zoom ratio, superb resolution and bright fluorescence imaging. Also features other versatile parallel-optics type models suitable for various applications and Greenough-type models that are user-friendly and affordable.
Parallel-optics type SMZ1270 / 1270i / 800N
These versatile stereo microscopes provide both excellent optical performance, such as high-magnification, high-zoom ratio and high-resolution images, and advanced operability. The expandability of parallel optics makes these models suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Highest-in-class zoom ratio
  • Easy to get results
  • High-quality images
  • Expandable with a wide range of accessories
Nikon has developed an all-new stereo microscope that features a large zoom ratio of 25:1, high resolution and exceptional fluorescence transmission capability. The new stereo microscope meets the increasing needs for imaging systems that span spatial scales from single cells to whole organisms.
  • World’s widest zoom range and highest resolution for a stereo microscope
  • Bright, high-contrast fluorescent images
  • Automation and digital imaging
  • Easy to use
Greenough type
  • SMZ745 / 745T

Superior 7.5x zoom and 115mm working distance; Trinocular optical head type is also available

  • SMZ660

Dramatically improved optical performance and handling comfort

  • SMZ445 / 460

Designed for excellent cost performance

  • SMZ-2

High-resolution optics ideal for inspection, assembly, and measurement

  • SM-5

Standard stereo microscope with fixed objective