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Industrial Metrology
Measuring Microscopes MM Series
Next-Generation Measuring Microscopes
Nikon is proud to present the MM series of Measuring Microscopes, which incorporate key performance features expected in an advanced next generation measuring microscope:
  • Greater Accuracy
  • Digital Imaging and Vision Processing Metrology
  • Larger Stage for Increased Workpiece Handling
  • Non Contact Z-height Measurements
  • Coordination with Data Processing Systems
  • Stellar new features enhance Z-axis measurement accuracy

TTL Laser AF (Universal Type)

Focusisng Aid (FA)

Motorized Z-axis movement (LM Model Stands)

  • Improved illuminators broaden observation ranges

Built-in continuous light control

LED illuminator

8-segment LED ring light CYN-E1

  • Improved interface with Data Processor and Software

Data Processor DP-E1

Data processing Software E-MAX Series

3rd-party DRO Connectables (S Models)