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Gear Rolling Tester GTR Series
Double Flank Gear Rolling Tester
The double flank gear rolling tester capable of measuring total accuracy in a very short time is widely used in various kinds of industries as an indispensable measuring instrument. Osaka Seimitsu Kikai's double flank gear rolling tester, the GTR series, can be applied to the measurement of accuracy of various sizes of gears such as fine pitch gears, small and medium-size gears. It will display its superior capabilities in various kinds of measurements including total composite deviation, tooth bearing, nick, runout, and backlash. The optional equipment is also provided for measuring every kind of gear. Its accuracy and operability have been enjoying a good reputation among many users all over the world.
  • GTR-4LS
  • GTR-25
  • GTR-40
  • GTR-60
  • GTR-30