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Industrial Metrology
Surfcom Touch Series
Intuitively Operated Surface Texture Measuring Instrument
Surfcom Touch 35/40/45
  • Portable-type entry model in the SURFCOM TOUCH series useful in any measurement situation
  • Palm-sized tracing drivers selectable for workpieces and measurement areas
  • A calibration table provided as standard accessory makes calibration work easy
  • Optional pickups allow for various types of measurement
  • High-level compact-type model in the SURFCOM TOUCH series with high resolution and straightness
  • Extended Z-axis measurement range from 800 to 1,000 μm (25% increase)
  • A compact high performing tracing driver
  • A handy-type driver can be attached
  • Suited for measuring cylindrical workpieces. A tracing driver can be placed on workpiecies by using an optional roll footing.
  • An optional compact measurement stand for measuring high workpieces or measuring with jigs.
  • High-end model in the SURFOM TOUCH series with an electric column offering high accuracy and size variation
  • Extended Z-axis measurement range from 800 to 1,000 μm (25% increase)
  • Size variations for various types of workpieces
Surfcom Touch Series - Common Functions
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use screen for condition setting, calibration, measurement and analysis
  • Multi-language support available worldwide
  • Easy-to-follow user's guide/quick reference guide
  • USB/micro USB ports as standard equipment
  • Measurement results can be printed quickly