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Industrial Metrology
QUINDOS is the ideal software for coordinate measuring machines, gear inspection centers and all applications.
QUINDOS is the most powerful analysis tool for many types of coordinate measuring devices and differing applications, mainly in power plant, automotive, aircraft and machine tool powertrain industries. The database structure contains all of the measurement data, making it available for further processing and reporting. A host of very special functions improves the efficiency of measuring process.
The QUINDOS Basic license includes all of the functions necessary to measure standard parts such as crankcases, gearboxes, etc. It goes without saying that all of the form and position evaluations, freely-programmable plot routines, generation of moving path information and more are all included in the basic license.
QUINDOS 7 features a CAD core, which allows displaying, zooming, moving and rotating parts in 3D. This function is not only available for existing CAD models, but also for measuring points and result elements in the traditional learn mode. QUINDOS provides interfacing with CATIA, Unigraphic (UG) and Pro/Engineer (Pro/E).
Part programming based on CAD data files. Import and export of 3D Models in IGES, STEP and BREP format, for standard geometrical features. 3D-visualisation with zoom, panning and rotation. Generate probing points on geometrical features.
Generate auxiliary lines (intersections with plane, cylinder, surface or border-offset lines) for the generation of nominal points e.g. for scanning and actual/nominal comparison. Interactive graphic evaluation (actual/nominal comparison) of 2D curves.and 3D surfaces.
QUINDOS features simple and fast gear measurements. Backed by adequate QUINDOS options, the operative range of a Coordinate Measuring Machine is expanded to a full value gear measuring machine. You only need to enter some specific parameters to measure gears. All travel paths, probing points and scanning lines are created automatically. Different from traditional gear measuring machines a rotary table can be used but is not required on your CMM for gear measurements with QUINDOS. This allows cost efficient gear measurements on pallets, with the benefit of a high throughput.
Measurement of Cylindrical gears, straight or helical, internal and external, on high precision Coordinate Measuring Machines. Evaluation according to DIN, ISO, JIS, AGMA, ANSI, CNOMO or CAT standards, with and w/o eccentricity. Modifications of profil, helixe and tolerance. The QUINDOS Gear package includes the inspection of Serration Gears, with straight or involute profile according to DIN 5481 and DIN 5482.
QUINDOS Unknown Gear
Inspection of straight and helical, external and internal gears or gear segments with unknown parameters. All standard parameters are evaluated, i.e. module, pressure and helix angle, addendum modification, etc.
QUINDOS Gear Gauges
For calibration of involute masters and lead masters on an ultra high precision coordinate measuring machine. Left and right handed with straight or helical flanks. FELLOWS - type or single gear flank type. (This option requires ultimate precision CMM, i.e. Leitz Infinity)
QUINDOS Straight Bevel Gear
Inspection and evaluation of helix , profile, pitch, tooth thickness etc. of straight bevel gears according to DIN 3965, part 1 and 2. In case of non tooling manufacturing, the mold and die can be measured.
QUINDOS Spiral Bevel Gear
Measurement of Involute Spiral Bevel Gears including Crown Gears according to AGMA 390.03a, Rev. 1988, ANSI/AGMA 2009-A98 and DIN 3965, part 1 and 2,. Evaluation of topography, pitch and tooth thickness, etc. With interfaces from QUINDOS to GAGE 4/WIN of Gleason Works, KIMOS of Klingelnberg and DMG.
Measurement and evaluation of cylindrical gears according to CATERPILLAR standards 1E0392 and 1E4157. This includes Tip Modification, Undercut, Root Fillet, Harmonic Amplitude H1, and a plot layout according to CAT specifications. Requires the Option QUINDOS Gear. Needs the approval of Caterpillar Inc, USA.
QUINDOS Sprocket
Measurement and evaluation of sprockets (Chain wheels) according to DIN 8196. Variants have to be checked by MTWZ and might result in additional programming cost. Requires the option QUINDOS Curves.
QUINDOS with ROMER Absolute Arm
Thanks to the combination with QUINDOS the ROMER Absolute Arm is now able to measure complex parts usually inspected on stationary coordinate measuring machines. All cylindrical gears (internal, external, straight and helical) can be measured rapidly in an intuitive environment.
QUINDOS Gear Cutting Tools
QUINDOS offers all functionalities for the measurement of gear cutting tools. Measuring gear cutting tools is useful only with high precision measuring machines due to the high precision requirements. You simply need to enter the specific parameters for your measurement. All travel paths, probing points and scanning lines for the measuring machine are created automatically. The actual quality grade is evaluated according to implemented ISO and DIN standards.
QUINDOS Hob Cutter
For measurement of single and multi thread hobs with parallel or helical flutes on high accuracy Coordinate Measuring Machines. All evaluations as required by DIN 3968. In addition to DIN, also axial pitch and tooth height can be measured.
QUINDOS Shaper Cutter
All evaluations at shaper cutters with cone or step type cutting face as required by DIN 1829. Evaluates angles at the cutting edge, profile, helix, pitch, runout and thickness.
QUINDOS Shaving Gear
Helix, profile, pitch, runout and modifications of shaving gears are evaluated. The evaluation of shaving gears is similar to cylindrical gears.
Measurement of spur and helical broaches, with ring type spaces as well as helical chip spaces, on a high precision Coordinate Measuring Machine. Also with negative face angle. Evaluation of runout, transverse pitch, stepping of profile, face angle, back off angle, tooth profile, dimension over balls etc.
QUINDOS Form Cutter
Measuring of Form Cutters. Because of missing standards the measuring task must be checked and confirmed by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.
Whether cylindrical worms, worm wheels or double-enveloping worms - QUINDOS offers a software solution here, which fulfills all requirements. Cylindrical worms can be measured horizontally mounted as well as in upright position. Worm wheels of cylindrical worms are evaluated by profile and helix, runout, pitch, topography and dimension over balls. A high quantity of different parts can be measured on pallets, because a rotary table is not required.
QUINDOS Cylindrical Worm
For inspection of single start and multi start worms, left or right hand lead. Type ZA, ZI, ZN, ZK and ZC according to DIN 3975. The worms can be mounted in vertical or horizontal position on the Coordinate Measuring Machine. Evaluation of flank, topography, profile in axial section, lead, pitch etc.
QUINDOS Worm Wheel for Cylindrical Worm
Measures helix, profile, topography, pitch, runout and tooth thickness of worm wheels as conjugate to cylindrical worms of type ZA, ZI, ZN, ZK and ZC.
QUINDOS Globoid Worm
Measurement of single start and multi start double enveloping worms, left or right hand lead. Generation type "plane" and "straight". Evaluation of profile, lead, pitch, runout and topography.
QUINDOS PowerTrain
The measuring software QUINDOS allows the inspection of nearly all special PowerTrain geometries which are industrially produced today. Whether camshafts, API threads, screw-type compressors or step gears, to give only a few examples - the measurement and inspection of such parts can be performed easily with the appropriate QUINDOS Option. No other software offers such a large variety of solutions for special measurement tasks like QUINDOS. We have put great emphasis on the ease of use. Cost efficient measurement of special geometries - there lies the strength of QUINDOS.
QUINDOS Turbine Blade / Air Foil
Inspection of airfoils and any kind of turbine blades. Blade specific evaluations such as leading and trailing edge, radius, centerline, max. inscribed diameter. Requires the option QUINDOS Curves.
External and internal threads, with single or multiple starts. The threads can be of cylindrical or conical (tapered) shape. Evaluation of lead, mean diameter, pitch, profile angle etc. Includes the inspection of API threads and gauges.
QUINDOS Camshaft
Measurement of Cams and Camshafts, based on nominal data "Angle over Stroke" on a coordinate measuring machine (other types of data can be converted). For any kind of follower. Output of Stroke error charts. Computing of stroke, velocity and acceleration over angle. Requires the option QUINDOS Curves.
QUINDOS Complementary Cams
Measurement and calculation of the complementarity errors of a pair of cams. Optimizing of several parametesr to minimize complementarity error. Requires the option QUINDOS Curves.
QUINDOS Valve Guides and Seats
Automatic generation and measuring of all probing points and scan lines for valve seats with minimum 2 cone angles. With valve specific evaluations and plots. Requires the option QUINDOS Curves. For Coordinate Measuring Machines with scanning capability only!
QUINDOS Ovality of Pistons
For inspection of pistons of internal combustion engines with single, double or triple ovality. A coordinate measuring machine with High-Speed-Scanning is recommended for these measurements.
QUINDOS Screw Compressor
Inspection of transverse or axial sections of Screw Rotors. Actual-nominal comparison of the contour, with best fit. Evaluation of lead, pitch, root and tip circle etc. Requires the option QUINDOS Curves.
Inspection of the profiles of step gears (roller gears) with cylindrical or globoid shaped carriers. The surface geometry is calculated from the transmission law. Surface deviations, slot width, actual transmission law and contact pattern are evaluated. Requires the option QUINDOS Curves.
QUINDOS Connecting Rod
Generation of measurement programs for the measurement of connecting rods based on design data.
Measurement and evaluation of type P3G polygons according to DIN 32711 and of type P4C polygons according to DIN 32712.
QUINDOS Constant Velocity Joints
Generation of measurement programs for the measurement of CV joints based on design parameters.
QUINDOS Reshaper
The QUINDOS Reshaper option is a universal software package for different applications. It has been developed to process and analyse point clouds generated by the CMS laser sensor on a 3D coordinate measuring machine at high speeds, by the portable ROMER Absolute Arm or other measurement devices. Also datasets from a CT scanner (computer tomography scanner) can be processed. With QUINDOS Reshaper users reach their goal efficiently - independent of hardware availability or time constraints.
The surface of the component that has been captured in point cloud format is converted into a digital workpiece with the 3DReshaper software. This produces a very accurate image of the actual part. Measuring points are selected for import by marking the points on the digital component. 3DReshaper supplies the true actual points. QUINDOS Reshaper then processes the measuring points in the same way as measuring points supplied by a connected CMM. Thus, users can measure and analyse their parts offline with QUINDOS Reshaper. All of the analysis options supported by QUINDOS are available to users. Existing measurement programs can be executed on the virtual component. QUINDOS Reshaper even enables set points to be generated on a CAD model loaded in QUINDOS. 3DReshaper finds and returns the corresponding actual points on the generated model.