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mju NEX J
Joystick-type CMM for high precision and high functionality
XYZAX mju NEX J is a joystick-operated CMM that offers simpler operability than a CNC CMM and more precise, accurate measurements than a manual CMM. Based on the concept of "easy and precise" measurement using a joystick, this product by ACCRETECH offers highly-reliable operability and accuracy that cannot be achieved satisfactorily with small tools. By successfully combining the functions of both a high-precision, high-performance CNC CMM with a manual CMM that allows the user to perform measurement as though they are using a small tool, XYZAX mju NEX J responds to the installation environment requirements of customers, such as compact design, energy-saving, and high environmental resistance.
  • Newly developed joystick operation box with compact hand-held size and double-thumb stick allows for easy position and precise measurement
  • Excellent features of XYZAZ mju NEX inherited (Compact / Energy conservation / High environmental resistance)
  • Auto-probing function allows for highly accurate manual measurement, provided only by the joystick machine and not manual or CNC machines
  • Upgrading to CNC is possible on site