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Industrial Metrology
Large Format Premier LF Series
Our LF Premier machines offer X-Y travel from 460mm to a generous 711mm. Z travel is 200mm. (Larger sizes available upon request.) Increased accuracy helps you verify critical dimensions. Ideal for use in QC labs, research, engineering, or manufacturing environments.
LF models utilize air-rearing and linear motor X-Y transport for ultra smooth, high speed positioning. LFM models are equipped with precision mechanical bearing linear guides driven by precision ground ball screws and serve motors.
  • Transports are driven on air bearings by hi-speed (up to 30" per second), zero maintenance, balanced linear motors, or precision mechanical linear bearings, which are close-looped to precision hi-resolution scales in all three axes
  • Adjustable ergonomic workstation including a compact control panel and standard keyboard
  • Massive granite base, bridge and mechanical or air-bearing ways for superior machine stability and precision
  • Choice of QC5300 or MetLogix™ M3 Software
  • 21.5" touchscreen with M3 software
  • 24" monitor with QC5300
  • LED Surface Ring Illumination
  • LED Transmitted Illumination
  • LED Coaxial Illumination
  • Digital Video Color Camera: 1.2 MP, 1/3" SXVGA sensor