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M Series for Aluminum Packaged Products
Through magnetoreflection technology, Anritsu's M-Series Metal Detector achieves high-sensitivity detection of metals that can be magnetized including stainless steel fragments. As its detection process is not affected by the aluminium package, the M Series Metal Detector is ideal for aluminium packaged products such as chocolate and pouch products. It is also insusceptibe to water and salt contents and can be used for frozen and high-salinity products.
  • Detection of metal contaminants in aluminum-foil-packaging products
  • Useful for inspection of package inserts
KD8200 A type
Specialized for aluminium foil packaging products. High-sensitivity detection for metal contaminants, such as stainless steel Note, irrespective of their shape and orientation.
Model KD8200AW KD8220AW
Pass height Note 1 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm
Maximum pass width 230 mm 400 mm
Belt width 230 mm 400 mm
Display STN LCD
Operation method Flat panel key
Preset memory Maximum 100
Product packaging General, aluminum-metallized-packaging and aluminium-foil-packaging products
Belt speed Note 2 10 to 90m/min (variable speed depending on Product No.) 10 to 40m/min (variable speed depending on Product No.)

Maximum product weight Note 2 Note 3

70 m/min or less : 4 kg, 71 m/min or more : 3 kg 5 kg
Metal detection Rejection signal output and beep, or belt stop and beep
Power requirements 100 to 120 Vac +10% –15% or 200 to 240 Vac +10% –15%, single phase, 50/60 Hz, 200 VA, rush current 70 A (typ.) (20 ms or less)
Mass 130 kg 160 kg
Environmental conditions 0° to 40°C, relative humidity 30% to 85%, non-condensing
Protection class IP66 compliance
Exterior Stainless steel (SUS304)
  • NOTE  :
    Metals that exhibit magnetic properties such as iron and SUS430 and stainless steel processed by cutting and bending such as SUS304 and SUS316 can be detected. Aluminium, brass, copper, silver, gold, lead, titanium, etc. cannot be detected because they cannot be magnetized.
  • NOTE 1 :
     Any one of pass heights can be selected. Contact our sales representatives for change.
  • NOTE 2 :
     KD8200AW can support up to 8 kg as an option. However, the belt speed is 5 to 43 m/min. KD8220AW can support up to 10 kg as an option. However, the belt speed is 5 to 20 m/min.
  • NOTE 3 :
    Sum total of product weight on the conveyor.