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M5 Series Metal Detector
Simplified Operation
  • Easily navigated one-touch operation for frequently used functions.
  • Built-in support features improved productivity and accuracy
  • Miminize False Rejects: Built-in troubleshooting screens determine the cause of false rejects and provide suggestions to ensure repeatable, stable system performance.
  • Improved Troubleshooting and Help Screens: Accurate illustrated Help messages minimize production line downtime by reducing the need for outside service support.
  • Anritsu Proprietary Next Generation, High Sensitivity Technology
  • Industry Leading Dual Wave Processing
  • Increase temperature stability
  • Reduced false rejects caused by exterior sources
  • Improved self-diagnostic abilities
  • Anritsu's unique dual-frequency system
  • Anritsu's proprietary dual-frequency design determines the optimal settings to maximize sensitivity for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, while helping to reduce false rejects.
  • Operator Friendly Tutorials for Product Registration and Smart Guide: Product Registration Navigation, Smart Guide
Entry Model: Pass Height 300mm
Pass height 50mm 100mm 130mm 150mm 180mm
Maximum pass width 450mm
Belt width 380 mm
Display 7-inch color TFT LCD
Operation method Touch panel (Start, Stop, and Home are direct push buttons)
Preset memory Max 200
Product packaging Both general and aluminum-evaporated-packaging products
Detection method Simultaneous 2-frequency magnetization detection method
Belt speed 25m/min (50Hz), 30m/min (60Hz)
Maximum product weight Note 1 3 kg (Can support up to 10 kg as an option)
Metal detection Rejection signal output and beep, or belt stop and beep
Power Supply 100 Vac, single phase 50/60 Hz; 110/115/120 Vac, single phase 60 Hz; 200 Vac, single phase 50/60 Hz; 220/230 Vac, single phase 50/60 Hz; or 240 Vac, single phase 50 Hz
Power Consumption 160 VA, rush current 50 A (typ.) (20ms or less)
Mass 85kg 86kg 87kg 89kg 90kg
Environmental conditions 0° to 40°C, relative humidity 30% to 85%, non-condensing
Protection class
AHF type: IP30 compliance / AHW type: IP66 compliance
Indicator and detector head: stainless steel (SUS304)
Conveyor frame and stand AHF type: metal (coating) / AHW type: stainless steel (SUS304)
Data output USB port as an option (USB2.0), Ethernet interface as an option (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX)
  • NOTE 1 :
    Sum total of product weight on the conveyor.