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Seminar: X-Ray CT on Complex Plastics Parts for Metrology Measurements
(11 February 2020)
X-Ray CT Seminar | Cairnhill Metrology (Johor)
X-Ray CT on Complex Plastics Parts for Metrology Measurements
Cairnhill Metrology cordially invites you to our X-Ray CT Technology Seminar in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
Our seminar will present the latest technology advancement to bring X-ray CT into production. Typical injection molding defects such as entrapped air, porosity, sink marks, joint lines, deformation and misaligned fiber orientations can be solved with the help of X-ray CT.
A great example is automotive connectors where complexity increases, tolerances get tighter and the goal is zero defect production. X-ray CT measurements provide the unique ability to get a full understanding of a part’s quality. It can provide full insights and information of the surface data and dimensions inside the parts or tough to reach area. Surface characteristics such as color, transparency or reflectivity are not an issue for X-ray CT. Full volume measurement provides the faster possible path from design to mass production.
*Registration will close on 23 January 2020 or earlier when the seats are filled up. Please submit your completed registration form to sales@cairnhill.com or Fax to +60 7 5625066.