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ScanTRAK II - Superior Scanning Speed, Accuracy and Productivity in Your Hands
(17 April 2019)
Take Shop-Floor Laser Scanning to the Next Level
Add the power of blue-laser technology to your industrial scanning application with the ScanTRAK II handheld 3D laser scanner. With a scanner accuracy of 7 µm and a frame rate up to 450 Hz, the ScanTRAK II provides extremely accurate and fast multi-surface scanning for unprecedented operator productivity.


Optimal Scanning Performance
Used in tandem with the PRO CMM optical tracker, the ScanTRAK II provides non-contact 3D scanning of large and/or complex parts without the use of targets. Scan across dark, multi-coloured or shiny surfaces without interruption. A balanced ergonomic design, wide beam stripe, and integrated field-of-view positioning laser optimize data collection for maximum scanning throughput.
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