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Webinar: Inside Inspection | See What You’ve Been Missing
(21 January 2021)
Webinar: Inside Inspection | See What You’ve Been Missing
Thursday, 21 January 2021
2:30PM – 3:30PM (GMT+8 – Singapore/Malaysia Time)
1:30PM – 2:30PM (GMT+7 – Jakarta time)
With increasing population and the rise in the aging population, the need for new healthcare and increasing demand for pharmaceuticals is increasing rapidly. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are required to balance production efficiency and quality maintenance and Anritsu is able to provide a wide variety of high quality solutions to support customers. The advanced inspection of pharmaceuticals is suitable for pharmaceutical products that cannot be inspected by conventional means.
The Anritsu Pharmaceutical Metal Detector detects metal contaminants in capsules and tablets, and is used in downstream processes of tableting machines or capsule filling machines on many tablet/capsule production lines to ensure the quality of tablets and capsules.
The Anritsu Pharmaceutical X-ray Inspection System can identify transdermal patches caught in sealed areas and broken or missing pieces of orally-disintegrating tablets that were previously undetectable. Cairnhill Metrology cordially invites you to our webinar where we have invited speakers from Anritsu Japan as well as our own technical experts to share reasons why more accurate contaminant inspection is become increasingly important such as the increase in use of orally disintegrating tablets and increasing concern about safety and security in general.
* Registration will end by 17 January 2021. Please email your completed form to sales@cairnhill.com or fill in your details at Google Forms.