Technical and Service Support
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Our Mission includes “reliably servicing the solutions we provide throughout the solutions’ useful lives.” This means we service everything that we sell and we sell only what we service.

Our endeavour is to continually develop our technical and service capabilities and professionalism.
Commissioning and Basic Maintenance Training
Commissioning includes installation, setting up the system including its operating system and software and machine calibration in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications. Thereafter, we provide basic maintenance training and simple Applications training for your operators.
Technical Support
This is available on a time charge (hourly or daily) basis or as part of an annual support contract.
Annual Preventive Maintenance
Annual Preventive Maintenance helps preserve the integrity of your equipment investments, reducing overall costs of ownership and increasing ROI. Maintaining the accuracy of your metrology equipment is essential to support your manufacturing and productivity goals.
PM Contract
Depending on the usage and age of your equipment, we can tailor a PM contract and combine this is with on-call services for troubleshooting of faults and repairs.
Performance Verification and Calibration (per ISO IEC 17025:2017)
Metrology equipment should be calibrated regularly; the optimal frequency depending on your Quality System, taking usage of the equipment, results of the last performance verification and calibration vis-à-vis the original specifications, and the accuracy specifications acceptable for your manufacturing processes, into consideration. Our calibration procedures for a scope of metrology equipment are ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited.
Retrofits & Upgrades
When critical components such as controllers, scales or air bearings are worn out or have failed, if the rest of the machine is still mechanically sound, we can replace or upgrade the worn out components. Software can also be upgraded to the latest versions for efficiency and productivity. At times, the entire equipment can be retrofitted to add new capabilities.
  • End of Life Evaluation
    If your equipment is approaching end-of-life, we can offer advice on capital replacement budgets.
Rental/Pre-owned Equipment Sale
On request, we provide equipment rental, subject to prior availability. We also provide pre-owned equipment that are upgraded and refurbished for sale, supplied with a 3-month warranty.