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VGStudio MAX
VGStudio MAX is the high-end software for the analysis and visualization of industrial computed tomography (CT) data, which you can adjust to fit your needs with the help of our many add-on modules or our industry specific module bundles.
Leading industrial companies around the world use VGStudio MAX to easily run comprehensive, non-destructive tests in the areas of research, production, and quality assurance.
  • User-friendly functions for segmentation, analysis, and visualization
  • Native processing of voxel, point cloud, mesh, and CAD data
  • Macros and templates for automation
  • Optional add-on modules for almost every conceivable application
New in version 3.3
  • Refined user interface
  • Performance Enhancements
  • Export of Colored Meshes
  • Multi-ROI Reconstruction
  • Data Quality Analysis
  • Multi-Material Surface Determination
  • Extended Golden Surface Creation
  • Centroid of ROIs
  • Relative Contrast Mode for VGEasyPore
  • Tolerancing of Directional Variability
  • Digimat Porosity Export
  • Volume Meshing
  • Meta Information Dependent Input in Jobs
  • Text Recognition in CT Scans