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Portable Metrology
The ScanTRAK II handheld 3D laser scanner sets a new standard for part inspection and reverse engineering applications. Harnessing the power of blue laser technology, the ScanTRAK II provides extremely fast, accurate measurement of complex parts from almost anywhere on the shop floor.
Used in tandem with the PRO CMM optical tracker, the ScanTRAK II can be used freely within a large measurement volume without mechanical tethers. With Dynamic Part Referencing, environmental vibration is automatically compensated for during data collection. This functionality makes the ScanTRAK II a versatile and robust solution for conducting in-situ inspections in the most challenging shop-floor conditions.
The ScanTRAK II features a wide beam strip for maximum part coverage in less time, while its balanced ergonomic grip provides comfortable, extended scanning sessions with less operator fatigue. Diverse multi-surface scanning without part treatment further increases operator productivity – by almost 300%.


Take Shop-Floor Scanning to the Next Level
  • Capture Every Detail: the ScanTRAK II has a scanner accuracy of 7 µm, which allows every part feature and surface detail to be captured with exceptional precision and resolution. Measurements are recorded with low noise, generating point clouds that require minimal post-processing.
  • Move with Total Freedom: the ScanTRAK II provides freeform, non-contact part scanning in all six degrees of freedom (6DOF) without mechanical linkages or the risk of beam-breakages. For measurement of hidden part features, use the integrated Multi-Sided Probe for tactile probing.
  • Measure Almost Any Surface: the ScanTRAK II allows operators to scan complex 3D geometries—even dark or shiny surfaces—without having to pretreat the part. The ScanTRAK II will also scan across colour transitions and varied surface textures without compromising measurement speed or accuracy.
  • Scan with Greater Ease: the ScanTRAK II boasts a new balanced ergonomic design for extended scanning sessions. An integrated field-of-view positioning laser optimizes data collection, while real-time point-cloud visualization provides instant scanning feedback.
  • Maximize Productivity: the ScanTRAK II has a frame rate up to 450 Hz and scanning speed up to 450,000 points per second. This measurement rate combined with a wide beam stripe provides more part coverage in less time, increasing operator productivity by almost 300%.


Common Applications
  • Part-to-CAD Analysis
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Flush and Gap Testing
  • First Article Inspection
  • 3D Digitization and Modeling