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Portable Metrology
Hexagon Absolute Arm 7-Axis
All-in-One Solution for Portable 3D Measurement
The flagship of the Absolute Arm range, the Absolute Arm 7-Axis delivers tactile probing and laser scanning in a uniquely ergonomic package.It’s the clear choice for high-end portable measurement applications. With usability central to its design, this is an articulating measuring arm that can’t be beaten when it comes to ease of movement and ease of measurement.
Built-in versatility comes in the form of a uniquely modular wrist design that features configurable grip shapes and sizes, an on-wrist display that puts control and results in the hands of the user, and a wide range of accessories, from probe tips to laser scanners to complete measurement systems designed for specialised applications. The flagship RS5 Laser Scanner is the key to high-end 3D scanning and digitisation, and can be quickly mounted on the Absolute Arm 7-Axis with no need for recalibration.
All this adds up to a far more productive arm that delivers high-accuracy measurement results more quickly and more easily than ever before.
  • Probing and Scanning

Proficient at high-accuracy touch probing while also capable of high-end, high-productivity laser scanning in combination with the RS5 Laser Scanner, the Absolute Arm 7-Axis is a multifunctional measurement tool that delivers clear productivity improvements through increased usability and versatility.

  • Absolute Encoders

The renowned Absolute Encoders placed in every articulated joint of the Absolute Arm make it the only portable measuring arm on the market to completely eliminate encoder referencing and frustrating system warm-up times, boosting productivity while delivering high-end accuracy.

  • Advanced Materials

Built on a foundation of high-tech carbon-fibre tube construction, the Absolute Arm maintains strength and thermal stability under any environmental conditions, offering reliable accuracy whatever the environment.

  • Configurable Wrist

The ergonomically designed wrist of the Absolute Arm 7-Axis features a measurement display screen, interchangeable grips, exchangeable probe and scanner mountings and a selection of control buttons, making complete one-handed operational efficiency easier than ever before.

  • Effortless Movement

Intuitively located infinite-rotation low-friction grips have been designed to maximise accuracy by minimising user fatigue and making every movement light and easy to handle – together with a sophisticated counterbalance system, the Absolute Arm is the most agile arm on the market.

  • Essential Security

Stow and lock in place the Absolute Arm between measurements with the HomeDock and SmartLock functions, ensuring that scanners and probes remain undamaged and factory-accurate.

  • User Feedback

In even the harshest industrial environments, communicating with the Absolute Arm in a way that keeps the measurement process running at full speed and efficiency has never been more simple, through our range of visual, acoustic and haptic feedback functions.

  • Absolute Portability

Even the largest Absolute Arm 7-Axis systems weigh only 10.5 kilograms, making setup and repositioning a quick and easy process, while the functionally designed and shock-resistant carry case keeps everything secure during transport.

  • ISO Certification

The probing accuracy of the Absolute Arm 7-Axis certified to ISO 10360-12 as standard, with full scanning system accuracy certified to ISO 10360-8 Annex D when supplied with the RS5 Laser Scanner.

  • Technological Foundation

Built upon years of portable measuring arm technology, the Absolute Arm 7-Axis is the latest in a long line of market leading articulated measuring arms, from the CIMCORE Arm to the ROMER Absolute Arm and now beyond.