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Industrial Metrology
Automatic measurement of multiple edge parameters in only one measurement run
The EdgeMasterX is a fully automated cutting edge measurement device for production integrated quality assurance of inserts, drills, mills and other round tools. Specifically, the EdgeMasterX enables automated multi-edge measurement of tools. In a single measurement run, a complete series of user defined measurements at multiple edge positions can be achieved. All results are traceable, repeatable, and in a high vertical resolution.
  • MultiEdgeMeasurement

Multi edge measurement offers fully automatic measurement of user defined parameters at various tool positions all in a single measurement run. Typical application areas are: Measurement of multiple edge positions; measurement of multiple edges of a tool; measurement of selected parameters on multiple tools.

  • Measurement of radius and form

With the use of radius-fit you measure radius, clearance angle, wedge angle, rake/chipping angle, edge symmetry as well as negative and positive bevel lengths. Inserts with both waterfall and trumpet shapes are measured. A fit of elliptic shapes into the edge region describes the shape by two radial parameters. The edge can also be compared to user-defined basket arch files or arbitrary shape.

  • Automatic Chipping Measurement

The new feature enables automatic chipping on edges. The measurement evaluation includes parameters such as the depth, length and volume of defects along the edge. Additionally, chipping in the in the micro- and submicrometer range is visualized with color coding.

Focus-Variation combines the small depth of focus of an optical system with vertical scanning to provide topographical and color information from the variation of focus. The main component of the system is a precision optic containing various lens systems that can be equipped with different objectives, allowing measurements with different resolution.