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SPC Office Buddy
revolutionary new application that integrates directly with Minitab, JMP, and MS Excel to run reports using CMM data collected by QC-CALC Real-Time
The Buddy has been designed as both a complement to and a replacement for data analysis and reporting done through Minitab using Excel as a report container. As a complement to Minitab, the Office Buddy allows for fast importing of QC-CALC data. On a standalone basis, the Office Buddy has its own Capability Composite Chart similar to Mintab’s sixpack. The Office Buddy also has the ability to create any custom Excel report needed allowing you to reduce the time to produce periodic reports to seconds.
This direct integration virtually ends manual data entry once and for all. The Buddy allows you to set up custom filters to reduce your data before sending. When finished, you can run statistical reports or Sixpacks on any subset of your data and then place these charts into your Excel reports in the location of your choice. The Buddy automatically sends each feature’s label, nominal, tolerance, and subgroup information straight to Prolink Charting, Minitab, or JMP without typing, saving you time and money.
The Buddy displays your collected measurement data as a grid of numbers that you filter by both rows (records) and columns (dimensions). The Buddy can then run either Prolink Charts or Minitab charts with the click of a button. This saves an enormous amount of time since all nominal and tolerance data is automatically sent to the chart. The data and charts can then be automatically placed into the custom Excel report of your choice in the exact location you specified. 
  • Excel Jobs
  • Full Color Charts
  • Non-Normal Data Management
  • Dimension Filtering
  • Record Filtering
  • Statistical Reporting
  • Exporting