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Diameter control for extruded products

EXTRULINE Laser Measuring Systems are particularly suitable for the diameter control of extruded products such as plastic tubing, sections, electric cables and other similar products. Thanks to a perfect balance between straightforward operation and advanced performance, EXTRULINE Systems represent today’s ideal solution for extrusion automation.

  • It measures the diameter and the ovality from 0.1 to 149 mm, using single or dual axis (XY) laser gauges.
  • It checks the product tolerance and alerts the operator when the shift from nominal diameter exceeds the preset tolerance limits.
  • It performs automatic extrusion regulation keeping the product within the tolerance limits throughout production.
  • Flaw detection and location along the spool
  • Detailed statistical reports are processed and printed for each spool.
  • It can be easily interfaced with a Computer to download measured data or to allow remote system programming.