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Industrial Metrology
Diameter control for bar and tubes
BARLINE Laser Measuring Systems are particularly suitable for the diameter control of ground bars or drawn metallic tubes. Thanks to a perfect balance between straightforward operation, reliability and advanced performance, BARLINE Systems represent today’s ideal solution for process automation and quality control.
  • It measures the diameter and the ovality from 0.1 to 149 mm, using single or dual axis (XY) laser gauges, depending on the diameter range and the type of product.
  • It records and prints the maximum, minimum and average values read along the bar and, following the pre-set tolerance limits, it triggers suitable sorting signals at the end of each bar.
  • It performs automatic grinder regulation keeping the product within the tolerance limits throughout production.
  • Detailed statistical reports are processed and printed for each bundle of bars.
  • It can be easily interfaced with a Computer to download measured data or to allow remote system programming.
  • BARLINE.X150