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Industrial Metrology
Xactum Intelligent Laser Sensors
Use the Xactum Intelligent Laser Micrometers as on-line diameter gauges, in the Xploreline configuration: with no other instrument can you measure diameters so quickly, so accuratley and so easily.
The XLS gauges are programmed with a dedicated software and are completed with a display unit and a remote control: using such a measuring “system” you can monitor the diameter on-line, measuring fast moving products very accurately, to achieve 100% check and to avoid any dimensional non-conformity.
  • It measures the diameter and the position of the product in the measuring field
  • It monitors the average diameter and at the same time it detects short diameter flaws
  • It records the max and min diameter over a programmable length, to allow checking of shaped products (i.e corrugated tube)
  • The exclusive Blistbuster Software detects repetitive flaws or Blisters (dual axis systems only)
  • It counts meters to get the product length
  • Out of tolerance alarm outputs
  • Ready for networking