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Industrial Metrology
Xactum Intelligent Laser Sensors
Use the Xactum Intelligent Laser Gauges as bench-top micrometers, in the Table-Gauge configuration: with no other instrument can you measure diameters so quickly, so accurately and so easily.
The XLS gauges are programmed with a dedicated software and are completed with a display unit, a remote control, fixturing to hold the part and a base-plate for bench-top use: using this “Table-Gauge” assembly you can, in a few seconds, check the diameter, roundness and the concentricity of ground or turned parts, to an accuracy that before only could be obtained in a metrology room, by using much more expensive equipment and specialized personnel.
  • It measures the diameter and the ovality of the part
  • It also measures the center position and the section concentricity
  • It checks the pre-set tolerances
  • It sends the measured data to a PC, through the RS232 or Ethernet link