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Industrial Metrology
The effective solution for the on-line measurement of products featuring rectangular cross section
QUADRALINE is a Laser System designed for the on-line control of the two dimensions of extruded or rolled products featuring rectangle-like cross section. Due to its special features, Quadraline guarantees reliable and accurate measurements without the need for a tight alignment and tolerates product vibration and twisting.
  • It measures dimensions from 0.1 mm to 32 mm, using crossed beams, dual axis laser gauges.
  • It checks the product tolerance and alerts the operator when the shift from nominal dimensions exceeds the pre-set limits.
  • It performs automatic process regulation, keeping the product within the tolerance limits throughout production.
  • Detailed statistical reports are processed and printed for each manufacturing batch.
  • It can be easily connected to a Computer to download measured data or to allow remote system programming.