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Digital Cameras for Microscopes DS Series
Introducing two new high resolution 16.25-megapixel CMOS cameras to Nikon's lineup of cameras for microscopy.
Two Nikon FX-format CMOS sensor cameras join the Digital Sight series of microscope digital cameras: the DS-Ri2 color digital camera and the DS-Qi2 monochrome digital camera. High pixel density and large field of view coupled with USB3.0 high speed data transfer offer fast frame rates and high resolution images with these new CMOS sensors.
DS-Ri2 Microscope Camera
  • High-resolution images

16.25-megapixel CMOS sensors for astonishing image quality

  • Photography with the natural colors seen through the microscope

Nikon is a leader in development of algorithms for reproducing color just as the eyes see it

  • High-speed live display

High-speed display, even of supra-HDTV-class live images

  • High sensitivity, low noise

Fluorescent color image capture with high signal-to-noise ratio

DS-Qi2 Monochrome Microscope Camera
  • High sensitivity

Detects even faint fluorescent signals

  • Excellent linearity

Reliable quantitative analysis made possible

  • High frame rate

Fast focusing, even with fluorescent images

  • Low noise

Acquires dim fluorescent signals with ultra-low noise

  • Time-lapse photography

Fluorescent time-lapse imaging through integration with NIS-Elements software