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Multi-Purpose Zoom Microscope MULTIZOOM Series
Single integrated microscope system for all your macro observation and digital imaging requirements
The MULTIZOOM multi-purpose microscope combines superior wide field imaging and long working distance like a stereoscopic microscope but with high resolution bright-field and DIC (differential interference contrast) capability like a metallographic microscope.
  • On-Axis coaxial optical zoom system that enables macro image capture
  • Wide-range of observation magnifications from 5x to 500x
  • High-resolution / high-contrast observation in both the macro & micro regions
  • Support for a wide array of observation methods, including reflected / transmitted light brightfield, simple POL and differential interference contrast
  • Automatic detection of objective lens magnification with intelligent triple nosepiece (AZ100M)
  • Electronic remote control of motorized optical zoom and vertical stage movement
  • Communication with a PC and the DS-L2 and DS-U2 digital camera control units (AZ100M)