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Industrial Metrology
ECLIPSE MA- Series Inverted Metallurgical Microscopes
  • MA200

Thanks to its unique, solid-box structure, the MA200 offers high stability, durability, and a smaller footprint than conventional models as well as easy access to the stage handle, the nosepiece, BF/FP change lever, and diaphragms located at front side

  • MA100 / MA100L

The MA100 / MA100L are compact, inverted microscopes designed for bright field and simple polarizing observations. Its small foot-print, rigid construction of its stage, easy operatio, and super Nikon optics, make it an ideal bench-top solution for: daily quality control of heat-treated metals, plastics, thin films, contaminants, chemicals, strain-tested materials, glasses, etc. MA100 with halogen light source and LED light source are available.

MA200 Features
  • Front Operation
  • Box Structure
  • Evolved Optical Performance
  • Combination with Digital Camera (Digital Sight Series)
MA100/MA100L Features
  • Illuminator
  • CFI60-2
  • Aperture Diaphragm
  • Polarizer / Analyzer
  • Stage