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Wireless LightStarTM Torque Wrench
Wireless LightStarTM Torque Wrench
The most accurate residual torque measurement device on the planet. Giving you 2 times better accuracy.
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership

Eliminate the costs associated with buying and maintaining cables and additional wrenches, save thousands of dollars per year, per wrench, over wired versions.

  • Enhanced Accuracy

With 2 times better accuracy, the Wireless LightStar is the most accurate residual torque measurement device on the planet.

  • Operation and Operator Benefits
  • Fewer Wrenches Needed to Do More Work

Four Wireless LightStar Wrenches replace the standard 7 wired wrenches making it possible to do more work with fewer wrenches.

  • Wireless LightStar + 600 Data Collector

The Wireless LightStar, in combination with the 600 Data Collector, is the easiest and most accurate and powerful torque auditing and assembly system available.

With the wireless interface comes a robust protocol that defeats interference from other devices, securely linking the 600 Data Collector and the Wireless LightStar. The 600 Data Collector can also be purchased with the Wireless LightStar support only configuration (no analog) making this our first residual torque audit collector that never needs calibration.