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Industrial Metrology
The Perfect answer to all your measurement needs
With an expanded lineup that includes small to ultra-wide measurement platforms as well as versatility in optical head selection, the NEXIV VMR series provides complete support for all your measurement needs.
  • Optical head for Type 1, 2, 3 to ensure measurements with high accuracy and at high speeds

Widefield, high N.A. objective lens

Upgraded TTL Laser AF

High-speed, high-precision Vision AF

8-sector LED ring illumination

Standard head with 15X high-speed zoom

  • Maximum magnification module VMR-Z120X with variable magnifications up to 120x

High-resolution TTL Laser AF with ultra tiny laser spot

LU Head (LU Model) Universal epi-illuminator/motorized nosepiece type

CFI60-2 optical system

  • Standard software

NEXIV Profiler / Cad Reader - Two-dimensional profile shape analysis program

NEXIV Virtual AutoMeasure - CAD interface off-line teaching support program


  • VMR-H3030
  • VMR-1515
  • VMR-10080