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X-Ray CT Inspection and Metrology
Unique tool for high quality scatter reduced industrial CT scans acquired in significantly shorter scan time
  • Low artifact high precision performance of fan beam CT combined with up to 100 times faster inspection speed of cone beam CT
  • Provides significant quality improvement not only for high scattering materials such as steel and aluminium, but also for composites and multi material samples
  • Better material penetration length at same energy level or same CT quality with less complex CT equipment
  • Proprietary GE technology - exclusively available as option for the industrial mini- and microCT scanner phoenix v|tome|x c and m as well as upgrade package for installed m systems
  • GE’s proprietary scatter|correct functionality allows customers to gain CT quality never before reached with industrial flat panel based cone beam CT
  • Combining high precision fan beam CT quality with high throughput of fully automated cone beam CT
  • Clearly improved quantitative volume evaluation, e.g. automatic defect recognition or precise 3D metrology of difficult to penetrate multimaterial objects
  • Significantly increased inspection productivity allowing CT to migrate from R&D applications to serial inspection on the production floor
  • Comparable CT performance by using less complex less energy microCT
Awarded by Frost & Sullivan as Global Industrial CT Systems Company of the Year 2016