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X-Ray CT Inspection and Metrology
Power|scan HE
9MeV High Energy CT Inspection: Scan large, complex parts with ease
Every day, constant developments in manufacturing pose new challenges outside the realm of traditional inspection. As global technology demands require faster production times, and tightening regulations call for ultimate precision, inspection technologies need to work harder than ever to keep up. As the leader in CT technology, Waygate Technologies’ inspection systems and services meet those challenges with relentless innovation. The very first of its kind, our 9 MeV high energy CT scanner called Phoenix Power|scan HE leverages cutting-edge technological advancements to scan large, complex parts and assemblies with unmatched speed, precision, and ease of use—enabling faster, more precise inspections than ever before.
  • Scatter|correct
  • Dense part inspection
  • Large part scanning
  • Dual detector