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X-Ray CT Inspection and Metrology
microme|x / nanome|x
High resolution 180kV micro- / nanofocus X-Ray inspection systems with 3D CT option
  • Temperature stabilized digital DXR detector with active cooling for high dynamic live imaging
  • 180kV / 20W high-power micro- /nanofocus tube with up to 0.5μm or 0.2μm detail detectability
  • x|act package for CAD based μAXI programming and automatic inspection
  • diamond|window for up to 2 times faster data acquisition at the same high image quality level
  • Optionally 3D computed tomography scans within 10 seconds
  • Brilliant live inspection images due to high dynamic GE DXR digital detector array
  • Unique high power 180kV / 20W submicron or nanofocus tube for even high absorbing electronic samples
  • Minimized setup time due to highly efficient automated CAD programming
  • Live overlay of CAD and inspection results even in rotated oblique inspection views
  • Extremely high defect coverage and repeatability
  • Detail detectability down to 0.5μm or even 0.2μm
  • Optional Flash! FiltersTM image optimization technology
  • Optional advanced failure analysis with high resolution 3D micro- or nanoCT® or large board planarCT
  • Optional 3D CT scans up to 10 seconds