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Food, Pharmaceutical Industrial Solutions
Combi Checkweigher & Metal Detector
SSV Series Combination Checkweigher and Metal Detector
  • High Accuracy Combination SSV-h Series and Metal Detector

Equipped with a high speed/high accuracy force balance load cell. Meets stringent accuracy and reliability standards in industrial and pharmaceutical products.

  • Waterproof Combination SSV-i Series and Metal Detector

Features waterproof and dustproof cabinet and components. Its hygienic design is perfect for unpackaged and fresh foods which require stringent sanitary control.

  • Versatile Combination SSV-f Series and Metal Detector

Equipped with a highly versatile strain gauge load cell. Well suited for a variety of applications including heavy products.


Metal Detector Selection
  • High Sensitivity duw-h Series

Enhancements to the standard duw include improved signal processing and head design for optimal sensitivity and system stability.

  • Entry M5 Series

Equipped with operator friendly touch screen for simplified operation and industry leading digital signal processing, HRDSP.