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High Accuracy SSV-h Series
SSV-h Series
  • Equipped with a high speed/high accuracy force balance load cell. Meets stringent accuracy and reliability standards in industrial and pharmaceutical products.
Weighing range 0.4 to 100 g
Maximum accuracy (3σ) Note 1: ±0.001 g
Maximum speed Note 1: 310 products/min
Model KWS6003BF03/KWS6003BP03
Maximum accuracy(3σ)Note 1 ±0.001g
Maximum speedNote 1 310 products/min
Display 8.5-inch color TFT LCD
Operation method Touch panel (Start, Stop, and Home are direct push buttons)
Indication range 100.045g
Scale interval 0.001g
Preset memory Maximum 200
Classification 2 or 3
Product sizeNote 2 Width 20 to 100 mm
Length 46 to 230 mm
Height  5 to 230 mm
Belt speed 15 to 92 m/min
Power requirements 100 to 120 Vac +10% –15% or 200 to 240 Vac +10% –15%, single phase, 50/60 Hz, 130 VA, rush current 20 A (typ.) (20 ms or less)
Mass 60 kg
Environmental conditions 0° to 40°C (variation not to exceed 5°C/h to maintain accuracy), relative humidity 30% to 85%, non-condensing
Protection class IP30 compliance
Exterior F type: painted, P type: stainless steel (SUS304) (excluding some parts)
  • NOTE 1 :
    The accuracy and speed vary according to the products to be weighed and the rejector.
  • NOTE 2 :
    The size of products to be weighed depends on the rejector; select a checkweigher together with a rejector. Consult us about semi-transparent and transparent products.