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GE Phoenix, founded 1997 at Wunstorf, Germany, is a pioneer in high resolution nano, micro and mini-focus X-ray and Computed Tomography inspection technologies.  
GE develops and owns all key components such as X-ray tubes and detectors, as well as software controls and algorithms used in her systems.  Over the years, she consistently introduced many new innovations, leading to her being awarded the Frost & Sullivan’s 2016 Industrial Computed Tomography Company of the Year Award with the following citation, “GE Inspection Technologies has made significant contributions to the entire CT industry with its wide range of solutions. Namely with the recent launch of innovations like the fast unique helix CT speed|scan system, the high throughput blade inspection scanner phoenix v|tome|x c HS as well as world’s first microCT system with scatter|correct technology, the high precision metrology phoenix v|tome|x m scanner, GE has consolidated its industrial CT market leadership.”  
GE Phoenix's systems are used globally in microelectronics, material science, plastic injection mouldings, aerospace and automotive failure analysis, inspections and metrology industries.  The line-up includes:
  • nanotom m highest resolution nanoCT ® system for scientific and industrial computed tomography and 3D metrology on a wide sample range
  • v|tome|x s high-resolution system for 2D X-ray inspection and 3D computed tomography (micro and nano CT and for 3D metrology
  • v|tome|x m versatile X-ray microfocus CT system for 3D metrology and analysis with up to 300kV/500W. Available also in metrology version and with scatter|correct Cone Beam CT option
  • v|tome|x c compact high powered mini-focus 450kV CT system for NDT and quality assurance in foundries or aerospace applications. Available with Fan Beam, Cone Beam and Cone Beam with scatter|correct
  • v|tome|x L - large customizable high-resolution 2D and 3D computed tomography systems
  • x|aminer microfocus 160kV/20W 2D system with CT option
  • microme|x / nanome|x microfocus 180kV/20W / nanofocus 180kV/15W) 2D system with CT option
  • speed|scan CT 64 automated high-speed XCT at the production floor line