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Portable Metrology
Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence helps industrial manufacturers develop disruptive technologies and life-changing products, through being able to work at the speed you need while maintaining complete confidence in the reliability of your process and the quality of your products, through her expertise in:
  • Sensing, the collection of data through metrology
  • Thinking, analysis and active use of measurement data
  • Acting, implementation – taking the knowledge acquired to make improvements in the real world
Cairnhill Metrology supplies Hexagon’s Absolute Arm CMMs, Leica Laser Trackers, AICON 3D Systems and Leitz CMMs.
For metrology systems, each additional freedom equates to additional error.  The more rigid a system, the more accurate it can be.  However the expansion of quality and safety considerations today requires measurement of larger parts and less accessible features at production sites, i.e. on shop floors, aircraft hangars, refineries and so forth, which requires metrology systems to have flexibility and portability.
Quality Assurance Anywhere! Newest advances in optics, electronics and software are helping to improve the accuracy of portable metrology allowing measurements to be made anywhere, in production and quality environments.  If your part is too big to bring to your CMM, bring your CMM to the part!  
Hexagon Absolute Arm Portable CMMS
Hexagon Absolute Arm Portable CMMs are used for dimensional verification, alignment for assembly, CAD-comparison inspection, 3D scanning, reverse engineering, product development, rapid prototyping, tube geometry inspection and other quality assurance and process improvement operations.
They provide fast inspection cycles, helping to reduce scrap, and increase manufacturing efficiency in more than 100 industries, including aerospace, automotive, heavy equipment, defence, shipbuilding, off-highway vehicles, tube bending, furniture, machine shops, molded plastics, sheet metal, die and mould shops, product designers and other markets.

They are offered in multiple flexible configurations supporting a wide array of applications: -
  • 3 Series – 87, 85 and 83 from highest possible accuracies to simplest operations
  • 6 Axis models for highest precision with tactile probing, while yet being able to use basic HP-L-8.9 external scanner
  • 7 Axis SE models to support flexible laser scanning with high-end HP-L-20.8 external scanners
  • 7 Axis SI models with cost-effective integrated RS5 laser scanner
  • Main sizes range from 2m, 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m, 4m and 4.5m
  • Bench Top CMM equivalent Compact model with 1.2m range is available
  • Tube Inspection System capability for tube or wire bending with DOCS (Data Overlay Camera System) is enabled via Tube Shaper Software designed the tube bending industry
Leica Geosystems Laser Trackers
Leica Geosystems Laser Trackers have been at the forefront of laser tracking technology for the past two decades, enabling companies around the world to deliver innovative products, achieve unheard-of tolerances, substantially increasing productivity and lowering manufacturing costs.  The range includes:
  • Leica Absolute Tracker AT960/930 for highest accuracies ultra-compact high-speed large-volume measurements using reflectors, Leica T-Probe touch probe and Leica T-Scan or LAS-20-8 laser scanners
  • Leica Absolute Tracker AT403 entry level ultra-compact large volume laser tracker measuring with reflectors or with Leica B-Probe touch probe.
AICON 3D Systems
AICON 3D Systems (formerly Breuckmann) has over 25 years of proven expertise in developing and manufacturing 3D digitizing scanners, both mono and in colour, customisable for various applications, with more than 4,000 units installed worldwide. This includes systems with fields of view from 30mm to 1.5m and with accuracies down to 3 microns, with choice of cameras for high or super-high resolutions.
With latest technological breakthroughs in point cloud inspection software, computing power and electronics, price-performance has come down to a stage when we are set for major demand expansions.
AICON’s full product portfolio of innovative solutions include: portable coordinate measuring machines for universal applications, specialized optical measuring technology for vehicle testing and tube manufacturing, as well as white light scanners for contact-free surface measurement of objects. AICON's list of customers includes renowned manufacturers in the automotive and aerospace industries as well as research facilities and universities and almost anyone in mechanical engineering handling precision components and parts. Aicon’s 3D Digitizer line-up comprise the following: -
  • PrimeScan for simple, precise scanning
  • SmartSCAN - a compact, mobile 3D white light scanner
  • StereoScan neo - 3D scanning at the highest precision
Leitz CMMs
Leitz, which traces its history back to 1876, designs and manufactures reference and ultra high precision Coordinate Measuring Machines, as well as CMMs with Gear Measurement capabilities.   It is today part of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, which has more than 70 Precision Centers across five continents.
Leitz CMMs cover measuring ranges from standard to very large up to 8000mm x 3850mm x 3700 mm. Parts of any size, from tiny gears of a mechanical wrist watch to a large diesel engine or even a whole satellite, are measured with maximum precision all over the world on Leitz CMMs.
Equipped with PC-DMIS or QUINDOS software, standard parts and those with special geometries such as spiral bevel gears, worms, step gears, etc. can also be measured and evaluated. Leitz Gear Measuring Technology turns coordinate measuring machines into high throughput gear testers, resulting in productivity savings.