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Portable Metrology
Northern Digital Inc Industrial Division produces advanced accurate high-speed optical trackers that are used with portable Laser Scanner and Touch Probes for high-speed inspection, reverse engineering and part tracking operations.  Its advanced Dynamic Referencing feature allows highest shop-floor accuracy, while a wireless design enhances usability and operator freedom.
PRO CMM Optical Trackers are available in three measuring volumes.
The Dynamic Measuring option captures up to 4,500 measurements per second of fast, complex motion of multiple objects (up to 512 targets) over large volumes with exceptional precision - facilitates advanced motion analysis of 3D and 6DOF measurements changes over time, dynamic motion measurement of vibrations, travelled paths, velocities, accelerations, displacements, positions, orientations, deformations, and angles – allowing dynamic behaviour of parts, structures and assemblies to be measured and studied.
Multi-Sided Probe (MSP) - A handheld touch-probe option for good access to features over large areas for quick shop-floor computer-aided inspections with real-time part-to-CAD comparisons.