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Industrial Metrology
Aeroel SRL, founded in 1978, provides accurate and fast Laser Micrometers and Laser Gauges for on-line and off-line diameter measurement and control for products and processes ranging from wire drawings and mechanical component grinding.  The range of solutions include:
  • HWS.1 Handy Wire Scanner - contact-less, hand held optical micrometer to check wires and cables.
  • XLS Stand-Alone Single- and Dual-Axis Intelligent Diameter Sensors - laser scan micrometers with built-in electronics and data coms for in-line control of machining processes
  • Dedicated Measuring and Control Systems for wire, mechanical and plastics extrusion applications
  • Barline for on-line control of bars and tubes
  • Extruline for on-line control of extrusion control
  • Grindline for on-line measurement of ground parts
  • Quadraline for on-line control of products featuring rectangle-like cross section
  • Wireline for on-line control wire monitoring
  • Xploreline for on-line monitoring of continuous products
  • Meclab for high performance bench top laser micrometers
  • Table-Gauge low-cost bench top laser micrometers
  • Wirelab bench-top micrometers for the wire industry