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Volume Graphics

2D X-ray Imaging for inspection are no longer capable of meeting most industrial requirements as parts are getting smaller and more complicated. With GE Phoenix vtomex s240 X-ray system, we are able to provide Computed Tomography (CT) scanning services for customers who seek for short term or long term usage of X-ray CT scannings. The system is also able to perform 2D X-ray Imaging for quick inspection purposes.
CT scannings have been use for a wide variety of industrial applications for e.g., porosity inspection, flaw detection, failure analysis, metrology, assembly analysis, reverse engineering, reliability testing and more.
One CT scan provides a full volume data containing the surface and internal info of the part. We can use this data for the following analysis using VGStudio MAX 3.0. This kind of analysis is especially useful for parts from castings and mouldings, typical materials are plastics, aluminium and alloys.