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Contour describes a tolerance zone around any line in any feature, usually of a curved shape. Contour is a 2-Dimensional tolerance range that can be applied to any linear tolerance. If it is called out on a surface, like a radius on a part – contour would specify how much that cross-section could vary from a true curved radius. Contour takes a cross section at any point along the surface and sets a tolerance zone on either side of the profile. The contour callout can also be set with an all-around leader or given a specific range.
Secondary Texture (Waviness)
It results from the factors such as machine or work deflections, vibrations, chatter, heat treatment or warping strains. Waviness is the component of surface roughness upon which roughness is superimposed.
Measurement Result

Image 1                                                                                                             Image 2
Image 3
Part Measured: Screw thread – to measure and evaluate the angle and pitch
  • Load the screw as shown in Images 1 & 2
  • Move the stylus to the end of the thread and set up the necessary parameters
  • Start the data acquisition/capture and the detector will pick up the contour by moving according to the curves of the screw
  • Create lines, circles and points in order to evaluate the angles of the teeth and pitch distances. The circle feature is used to confirm the geometrical form of the thread
  • From Image 3, the pitches and circle diameters of the thread are inconsistent. The form of the thread is uneven. This will create a mounting problem, thus this screw is defective and cannot be used.